Frequently Asked Question

  • How does figaro work?

    figaro links together your whole business

    figaro acts as an intermediary between your Comet backup servers, staff and customers. The management system and Customer Portal interface with your online servers using the Comet API. figaro aims to eliminate your direct involvement with the Comet backend and instead present you with a user-friendly, intuitive experience through well designed interfaces and tools.
  • How do I use figaro?

    You can access figaro from any Internet connected computer

    figaro is a hosted service and can be accessed from anywhere in the world provided you have a modern web browser and Internet connection. It does not require any programs to be downloaded or installed on your computer, and will not bug you for updates. We take care of the hosting and maintenance so you can simply open your web browser, go to figaro's web address and get started.
  • How does the Customer Portal work?

    A customer control panel as part of your website

    The customer portal runs in parallel with figaro's management system and is designed for customers to easily view and manage their backup accounts, personal details and billing history.

    The portal's look and feel is carefully tailored to sit in line with your company branding and identity to maintain your direct relationship with your customers. The portal can be configured to use a custom domain name of your choosing, or sub-domain of your existing website.

    You can provide your customers with their own login details, which allow them to manage their own backup accounts and services. Benefits include the ability to set up new accounts, make account changes in real time, and also send requests such as quota increases directly to their account manager. Customers can also manage their billing, download historical invoices, update their details and change their direct debit information.

  • Do you offer a free trial of figaro?

    Yes, absolutely.

    We offer a free demonstration walkthrough of figaro to help inform your decision, and you can opt to have a free trial if you would like to test it out yourself.

    Please get in touch here for details.

  • How do resellers and affiliates work?

    figaro gives you powerful reseller and affiliate tools

    figaro easily allows your customers to re-sell your backup solution, and/or recommend your services to other people.

    Resellers Resellers are issued with a unique reseller code and are provided with a customised trial sign up form that can be integrated into their website. The Customer Portal gives your resellers control over their customers' backup accounts.
    Affiliates Commission is carefully calculated by figaro to give your affiliates incentive and ensure they earn the correct fees. figaro provides your affiliates with a custom URL to their individual referral sign up form.
  • Can figaro handle my billing?

    Yes, absolutely!

    figaro automatically calculates and creates invoices for your customers according to your own pricing methods. The flexible package manager allows you to define specific pricing plans to cater towards a wide range of different customers.

    Invoice PDFs are generated and can be automatically emailed to each customer on their invoice day - either Monthly, Quarterly or Yearly.

    figaro supports various different payment methods to suit your customer's requirements.

  • How much does figaro cost?

    figaro has a minimum monthly cost of at just £10.00 per month

    The subscription fee is based on the quantity of Comet protected devices you have in use that are managed by figaro. There is a 1 year minimum term contract, and the subscription fee is inclusive of all support, hosting and maintenance.

    Click here to get an instant quote for your business.

    There is a fixed setup charge of £150.For more detailed customisation and other work to cover branding and customer configuration costs £250 . Further terms and conditions apply, please contact us for full details.

  • How do I get started using figaro?

    Getting started is really easy, the steps are as follows:

    1. Fill in the online sign up form here:
    2. We'll go over the information you provided in the sign up form, and get in touch with you. If all is well we'll send you an invoice for your Setup Fee.
    3. When we've recieved payment of you Setup Fee, we can begin customising and branding Figaro for your business. This normally takes around 3-4 working days.
    4. When your Figaro instance is ready we'll send you the access details, and you're good to go!
    So, if you are ready to begin: Sign Up Now
  • How many people can use figaro?

    As many as you like

    figaro does not impose any restrictions on the amount of users you can have. This allows you to quickly setup user accounts for each member of your team and not worry as your company grows.

  • Can I use figaro as a CRM?


    figaro includes various CRM features that allows you to manage your customers' basic information and billing details, raise notifications and record notes against customers.

  • How is my information protected?

    Financial grade encryption and secure by design

    All financial and other sensitive data stored is securely encrypted, and passwords are salted and hashed. All access to the management system is protected by 256-bit SSL encryption to provide a further layer of security.

    Your data kept completely seperate from other customers - you have your own unique database instance.

    figaro also offers the ability to restrict access to the management system by IP address, to prevent any users accessing your system from unknown locations.

  • Is my business data safe?

    Yes absolutely

    A snapshot of your data is backed up each hour, encrypted, and copied to an alternate site in case of disaster.

    We can also push copies of your data to your own servers for additional peace of mind if required.

  • How does figaro work with my existing backup accounts and customers?

    Import your data, and let figaro scan your backup servers

    As part of your setup process we will help you create or import your existing customers and assign them a billing package.

    When figaro is connected to your backup servers, the system will automatically sync with your servers and find your existing backup accounts. The accounts can then be easily linked to your customers, removed or hidden, and you can decide how each account should next be billed.

  • Can I run figaro on my own server or hardware?

    Sorry, no

    We only provide figaro as a fully managed service (Software as a Service / SaaS).

    This means we can better support our clients, and you don't have to worry about compatability, maintenance, running costs or support charges.

  • What are figaro's requirements?

    Any modern web browser

    figaro is a web-based service to manage Comet online backup systems. Therefore you do not need any particular software to use figaro, you just internet access and of course you need to be running Comet OBS backup servers.

    We support most modern web browsers, including Google Chrome, Apple Safari, Mozilla Firefox or Internet Explorer 8 or above.

  • Will figaro be updated?

    Yes, updates and maintanance is included

    From time to time we will add new or updated features to figaro. Because figaro is Software as a Service, we will take care of updates so you don't need to worry about staying up to date.

    We encourage our customers to offer feedback, new feature suggestions and ideas so we can continue to make our service bigger, better and more tailored to your business.

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